Confluence IYALETA


We live in a world transitioning to different forms and structures of doing, feeling, understanding, and recognizing humanities. A great challenge for 21st century societies, indeed, instigated to move towards the recognition of Nature-Human-Nature Science to tend lives in planetary totality.


We are IYALETA, a “Sunshine” or a “Letter to Mother Earth”, we are researchers committed to investigation and science in the Brazilian region and foreign panorama, in order that decarbonization contributes to the reduction of global warming and humanizes people and territories.


We are the IYALETA Research Association – Research, Sciences and Humanities, a confluence aiming to develop research, training, technical and scientific communication in the main field of sciences: human, natural, applied, exact and technological, which has an impact on the elimination of racial, ethnic, territorial, gender, generational and social inequalities in the World.